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In the market of IT there are trendsetter companies, leaders, role models for other participants of the sector they operate in. Apple, Inc. (Apple) is one of such unique companies. It takes leading positions in many areas of the digital devices market. Apple produces notebooks, desktops, tablets, smartphones, music players, etc. Everything they do has the status of unique products regardless of their actual functionality and performance. Apple is the developer of innovations and highly successful products it is the key of the companys outstanding success. Therefore, the strategic development plans of Apple must be based on further innovations.

The current business environment of Apple can be described as highly competitive and overloaded with similar products and services. At the beginning of the companys operations, the situation was quite different. Eventually, with the evolutional development of IT, the related market grew enormously and became one of the major contributors to the economy of the US. Apple, from its founding, was an innovative company. Steve Jobs and his colleagues had seen the future under the different angle than other companies. It became almost fatal for the company once, but the situation changed again when Jobs gave people what they really wanted. It was a small, nice, usable device, different from any others in almost all aspects. IPod was such a device. Then, various laptops, personal computers, and later, mobile phones and tablets all these devices were different. The army of Apples fans grew along with the companys rising. The loyalty of Apples customers is probably the most powerful and significant factor in the inevitable success of any new device from the company.

The success of the company is based on the loyalty of its customers. Apple creates outstanding products, but they are not ideal. The claims about the iPhones 4 antenna related issues, dissatisfied feedbacks from the customers (by the iPads and iPhones problems with timely supplies) and other problems could have destroyed any other company, but not Apple. People simply forgive all these problems and flaws because they love Apple and its products. Furthermore, the customers trust the company. That is why they entrust information to the iTunes service, as the main source of music, videos, and other media on the Apples devices.

Apple is one of the most desirable companies to work for because this is the leader of the industry and it is always beneficial to be ahead of the progress, and to lead it. Again, the customers influence Apples success on the market; define the next steps in the development of the product lines, etc. Apple has products for every category of buyers, so nearly everyone can purchase an iPod, iPhone, iPad and become Apples fan. This is the determining factor of the operational environment of Apple Inc. today. In term of leadership, Apple is the company with the strong leader that shapes everything in the company, from negotiation style with partners and competitors to the smallest details implemented in the new products. It has attracted so many customers so far and still attracts.

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Therefore, in order to keep the positive dynamics in situation development, the company should be ready for the challenges in the future. Competitors create similar devices and exploit Apples ideas in many areas of business, so the dominance of Apple on the market is in danger.

Apple has a strong competitive position. It is one of leaders on the market; it has a positive reputation among suppliers and creditors, according to success on the market, rather competitive prices, and substantial growth of share price for the past periods. It takes leading positions in many areas of the digital devices market. Apple produces notebooks, desktops, tablets, smartphones, music players, etc. Everything they do has the status of unique products, in disregard to their actual functionality and performance. Innovation was a focus of Apple, led by Steve Jobs.

One can assume that IT market will develop according to the same principles as it does now. Consumers determine the direction of development in any area, would it be smartphones, or notebooks, or tablets. People want to see portable devices with simple access to the Internet that should be available everywhere. Does Apple provide its customers with such products? IPad 4 and the next generation of iPhone give people the ideas in what direction Apple could develop the future products.

The emerging of the new, revolutionary technologies could disrupt the existing market and change the situation. Companies that will be able to follow the latest achievement in the world of IT innovations, as Apple does now, will take the leading positions on the IT global market (Yoffie & Kim, 2011). The only possible development of the current situation is that new technologies will appear either evolutionary or revolutionary. Any company that will be able to assess the situation and see what benefits new technology could bring to consumers will have the chance to overplay the competitors and take a new niche on the IT market.

The principle of different thinking made Apple the leader of the market. All one needs as the proof is the number of sales and reports regarding the lines in front of Apple stores around the world on the day of the new product launch. Steve Jobs designs and develops desktops (iMac, PowerMac, Mac Pro), laptops (MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro), music players (all iPods), smartphones (all iPhones), tablets (both iPads), and provides additional services for these products (iTunes, AppStore).

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