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Business Laws and Their Effectiveness

The business world is a developing and ever-growing aspect of everyday life, influencing the general public, as well as individuals. It is a unique place with its own set of rules and laws, which, unfortunately, sometimes differ from those set by the government. There are several laws that regulate business matters. White collar crime is what defines the illegal activities of businesses and corporations. Other relate to pollution of the environment and competition laws between businesses. Unfortunately, sometimes even the governments laws are made in such a way that businesses and the government itself receive the highest profit, while the rest of society gets deprived of resources and possible earnings or job positions.

One of the laws that seem to control businesses concerns white collar crimes. It is submerged under the obvious, away from public view, and this is exactly what makes it even more dangerous and alarming. White collar crime is defined as non-violent, corporate, involving fraud, embezzlement, forgery, extortion, concealment, theft, and falsification. There are very many qualities of white collar crime, but lawfully it focuses on non-violence and deception against the employee, the public, personal and governmental institutions enforcing business laws. Even though there are laws, white collar prohibitions and offences are easily payable, which means that a business will simply pay off a fine, whereas an individual will have trouble acting or face some form of correctional punishment. The motive of white collar crimes is always personal monetary or product gain with the intent to conceal and falsify true nature of events. The law defines white collar crime as being committed knowingly and willfully by persons of upper socioeconomic class, obtaining property with false pretences and claims, bid rigging, price fixing, mail and security fraud, bankruptcy, tax fraud, with a motive to deprive or omit. It is not really clear how effective the laws are because it is sometimes difficult to discover and pursue. Mostly, there are governmental divisions that observe the effectiveness of the law, so it would be possible to say that there is some form of control and efficiency. Overall, the line between white collar crime and maximization of profits is very thin.

Another law relates to competition with other businesses and organizations. As stockbrokers sell stocks by distance and then exchange the purchased stocks for those with lower value, a level of control must be in order. Bankers and investors who peg prices and create false organizations to pool funds and investments complete the business scheme. Competition laws are set up to prevent conduct, which is focused on the elimination of competition by unfair use of resources or the market. As every business deserves a chance to exist and make profit, preventing any ability for proper trading or abuse of the market will result in breaking the law. It is clear that preventing any unwanted behavior, illegal activity, and selfish usage of the population is the most important ethical frame that must be followed. The laws are mostly effective as many businesses do get a chance to function and develop. It is obvious that ethics and morality are important in the modern world, and people expect obedience to the law. The fear of fines and prosecution makes a competition law effective and beneficial.

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The intricate relationship with the environment and people sets demands of proper care and kindness. Laws that safeguard nature and pollution that business might cause are becoming stricter. Some of the laws include proper filtration systems, amount of resources that can be used, such as logging and water usage, as well as dumping sites and waste disposal (Gopal, 2009). Even though there are laws and regulations that outline the functioning of businesses and corporations, pollution and over usage of resources are still commonplace. The laws are just a part of human society and regulation of businesses. It is up to the people running these companies to be responsible and prevent further damage to the planet and peoples health. Anything that businesses get involved into is consistent with ethics and how matters are conducted. Most recently, corruption and bribery in relation to pollution and environment laws have been tightened. The government and proper authorities carefully monitor the amount of particles and harmful gases that reach the atmosphere. As it has become a global problem and many business are international, the governments of numerous nations are closely watching the regulations. Even though previously the laws have been ineffective, the modern world has greatly changed. Many plants are now required to have proper filtration systems, and the technology is aiding in the matter. The burning of coal is one of the greatest pollutants, so companies are forced to choose gas or oil. Dumping of poison materials and spills into water is strictly monitored, so the laws are becoming extremely effective in this aspect of business regulation.

The above analysis proves how white collar crime has become a real problem. Not only there are activities outside the governments laws for businesses, but there are also regulations that are made to ease the functioning of business and aid the mutual relationship between governments and corporations in a financial way. Even though there are numerous government organizations that enforce laws and take steps to prevent repetition of crimes, the rate of these occurrences is still great, being detrimental to the society and the world.

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