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Qualities in Entrepreneurs

Starting a small business or joining entrepreneurial start-up after graduation from college may present tough problems. Moreover, it is important to identify major qualities of a business team leader, who could bring a company remarkable achievements. Graduation from college opens a new road of life, and if properly chosen, it may become a successful one. Thus, a business team leader of a chosen company should possess such qualities as communication, ambition, and competitiveness. Furthermore, in any business environment, graduates would have to work with colleagues, business partners, as well as public.

Successful business team leaders have a wide variety of qualities and characteristics, which inspire company members to follow them. Team leaders traditionally possess such qualities as communication, ambition, as well as competitiveness. These qualities encourage trust and respect of the team members and increase production within the workplace. Large and small businesses compose their team of organized and highly qualified workforce with the aim of improving the quality of provided services, effective management of departments, as well as completing marketing projects.

First, a business team leader should possess communication abilities and skills because communicational process is a crucial aspect of building trust. It is important to note that communication maintains leadership development and message delivery for senior managers. Moreover, properly developed communication abilities serve as a prerequisite for becoming a successful team leader. Business team leaders should write concise and clear messages, which inform each member of the team about any existing changes. A good business team leader can help a team individual to understand how to work in order to support the companys objectives. In addition, successful company leaders should possess strong communicational skills for solving team issues, managing group conflicts, highlighting group achievements, as well as inspiring team members (Durant, n.d.). Moreover, an effective team leader should have several aspects of communicational skills, including clarity, which refers to the ability to deliver information concisely and clearly, empathy, and negotiation.

Political and social leaders can illustrate examples of a successful team leader with communicative skills. For instance, Thomas Jefferson with the help of his communicative abilities formed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. These documents laid the foundation of principles, ideals, laws, and values according to which the country operates today. Jefferson and his team polished every word and provided the residents with clear information. Moreover, one more outstanding example is Mahatama Gandhi who became a successful leader due to his exceptional communicational skills.

Second, an effective business leader should be ambitious as a desire to achieve success is an essential quality of good leaders. Ambition quality is an integral part of a successful company because it helps to achieve goals and support long-term relationships with partners. Moreover, ambition enables a business leader to cope with existing obstacles and objectively evaluate company problems.

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Lagace provides an example of effective team leader possessing ambitious qualities. Manager of Nokia brought success to the company with the help of such qualities. It is important to underline that consultants recommended Nokia not to focus on cell phone business. However, Nokia’s CEO assessed the capabilities and passion of the company, which referred to the cell phone business. Therefore, with the help of his ambitious qualities, the company reached a remarkable success. Another example can be illustrated by the successful work of Val Gooding, a leader of BUPA Company. From the time of her joining the BUPAs team in 1996 to retirement in 2008, Gooding was performing a significant transformation of both social institution and economic performance. Furthermore, she oversaw an increase in revenues from 1 billion to over 5 billion. Goodings team assisted more than forty-five thousand people throughout the company. Sue Allon, a leader of Allonhill Company, also used her ambitions for achieving success. Her main goal was to introduce ethics, accountability and transparency to the mortgage industry. Sue Allons successful job brought $31 million in revenue in 2011.

Third, successful business leaders should possess the quality of competitiveness because understanding strategies of potential competitors is an important aspect of any company. Moreover, competitive advantage provides a company with a key place on the national and international arena, better product performance, as well as superior distribution techniques. Competitiveness gives a company an opportunity to sell products and services or make greater profits. Successful business leaders have a wide range of data concerning national and international competitors and understand how such information can help to overtake them. In addition, competitive advantage provides an opportunity for a company to create unique services and products, which can differentiate it from other similar companies (Competitive Advantage of Entrepreneurs, n.d.).

A good example of successful competitive quality implementation can be illustrated by an efficient work of Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook refers to one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the whole world. At the age of twenty-four, he became the youngest billionaire, possessing a website with more than 900 million active users. Mark Zuckerberg never avoided competition. At the time when his project became available for the first time, Zuckerberg faced competition posed by up to twenty similar sites, having better position. For instance, MySpace had approximately five million users.

Thus, after graduation from college, future business managers should acquire such entrepreneurial qualities as communication, ambition, and competitiveness. Moreover, graduates should look for a company where a business team leader possesses these qualities. The characteristic of competitiveness is probably the most essential one for achieving success by a company. It helps to provide services of high quality to consumers and obtain huge incomes. Therefore, after graduation from college, one should focus on developing and constantly improving competitive qualities, which will lead to successful business development.

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