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Grocery Expense Statistics

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Grocery Expense Statistics

A grocery bill comprises the greater part of household expenditures of families and individuals. There are families that carefully plan a budget for grocery expenses, and there are also those families that do not design a food bill. Irrespective of whether or not a planned grocery budget exists, there is a general feeling across many families that they are spending too much on food products. For this reason, there are different blogs and other online resources that provide people with various methods of managing their grocery budgets. A major problem in this case, however, is that some online resources tend to recommend a budget as low as $15 while others offer budgets as high as $200 a week. The purpose of this study is to find out how much families spend on groceries per week. The study will compare the size of families with their usual food bill in order to determine an appropriate level of groceries expenditure.

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The data for the study will be collected by means of a questionnaire, which is presented in a separate Excel document herein attached. The data collection process will focus on two major variables. The families average weekly expenditure will be regarded as a dependent variable, and the size of families will be an independent variable. The study will focus on the families in the researchers locality. The researcher will employ the method of convenience sampling. Shoppers at two selected grocery stores will be offered to fill out the questionnaire. The sample will comprise 40 respondents who will be the members of the families in the selected region. In order to ensure efficiency in the process of data collection, the questionnaire will be short, and the respondents will be requested to fill it out and return it before leaving the chosen grocery stores.

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