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Hiv-Infected People

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Challenges of People Diagnosed with HIV/AIDs

AIDS is one of the most important issues facing humanity. Nowadays, there are more than 40 million HIV-infected people registered in the world. Furthermore, the amount of HIV-infected individuals that are not registered or do not even know about their diagnosis is not known. AIDS is included into the top five killer diseases taking the greatest number of lives on the planet.

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HIV affects not only the health of an individual, but also the state and society as a whole. The problems that arise in the community because of the spread of HIV relate somehow all of us. It is the most important issue influencing the life of an individual. In most cases, the HIV-infected person becomes a target for various disapprovals (Horizons Program & Tulane University, 2001). Illegal HIV testing without the persons consent, disclosure of medical secrecy, illegal dismissal, forced change of occupation due to persecution and discrimination, lack of health and social services at the new location because of the lack of registration this is not the full list of problems that can confront people with HIV-positive status. In almost every community, HIV-positive people are stigmatized. People think that AIDS is scary since the majority of them were born in a society that feared the AIDS panic. The history of AIDS has contributed to the spread of stigmatizing since the first cases of AIDS were identified among gays, injecting drug users and sex workers (Horizons Program & Tulane University, 2001). Therefore, in the eyes of society AIDS, and, therefore, HIV-infected individuals, look like the bad guys addicts, sex workers or gay people. The disease, in its turn, is considered as a punishment for misbehavior.

This problem can easily be solved by providing the real information about HIV-infection, which is actually executed now, but the scopes are not as they are to be. Every individual should know that HIV is spread only through sexual contact, through contaminated blood transfusions or its components, or from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth. In addition, HIV is not transmitted through casual everyday contacts between people; people cannot be infected by airborne droplets, in the pool or through the common kitchen utensils, dishes, food and toiletries. It is important to inform the communities that HIV-diagnosed are not leprotic they are common people having some health concerns safe for the associates.

Another important issue is a financial one. As it was mentioned earlier, infected individuals are often forced to change occupation since they lost their jobs, families and friends (Bozzette et al., 2008). In addition, it is rather hard to find a new job with HIV diagnosis since employers do not hire infected individuals in order to prevent the contagion. Thus, the financial issue appears the impossibility to find a job creates problems with accommodation, food and essentials. In addition, the lack of money leads to the impossibility to achieve a proper treatment, which in its turn may produce further disease progress and death in the end. For this reason, people are forced to hide the disease, live in isolation, work as general workers, and reduce communication. However, the main of financial consequences is the impossibility to have a proper treatment (Bozzette et al., 2008).

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The solution for this issue may be providing of special facilities for HIV-infected people, perhaps anonymous for individuals to achieve a financial support. This service should be as anonymous as it can be in order to protect HIV-diagnosed individuals from stigmatizing, blame and shame. However, in order to prevent cheating it is necessary to provide some security methods. It means that patients should present the documentary proof for the diagnosis, and the proof for hard financial position. Perhaps, the solution would be to create a commercial fund, supported by people, concerned about the problems of HIV-diagnosed individuals. The infected people would have an access to this fund again after documentary proof that they really need help. These services may be both integrated with the government or independent ones.

Another problem to be solved is state barrier for HIV-diagnosed individuals. The officials are human beings, and, unfortunately, as a rule, they are frightened of HIV/AIDS diagnoses. The majority of officials agree with the general opinion of HIV-positive being derelicts of society, and this issue is not of their concern since they are not related to this society layer. It is a pity since government and state officials are to protect all the social strata of society. The lack of medications, funding, treatment centers and care for HIV-infected people is the issues to be solved at the domestic level. In addition, the expenditures for HIV/AIDS treatment comprise only 7 percent of health-care spending, which is not enough. The HIV/AIDS care needs over $10 billion annually (Schwartlander et al., 2001). As the government is not able to spend more money for the disease treatment, the solution would be to draw commercial attention to the problem. It gives a possibility to increase the expenditures on the HIV/AIDS considerably. It is important to argue the commercial facilities that this problem is of their concern as well since they have a large number of employees, partners, families, and associates that can become HIV-positive despite they are not in the risk group. They should understand that AIDS problem has already come to the end of derelicts communitys tether, and affects greater and greater amount of ordinary people.

To conclude, it should be pointed out that HIV/AIDS problem has achieved the epidemic proportions. There is a constant need to increase the actions taken towards the fight against this disease. The community should not forget that it is not the problem of addicts, sex workers and gay people. More and more so-called alright individuals are already infected.

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