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Human Resource Management in the Health Care Field

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Human Resource Management in the Health Care Field


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Human resources play an important role in the health care field including health and safety of healthcare employees, legal and ethical issues of various treatments, employee training and motivating events, labor budget strategic plans, and so on. Major changes in the medical and healthcare field such as the increasing diversity of patients and employees, medical tourism, and globalization of economy depend on the human resource management team. The main functions of human resource management in terms of its level of support to the health care field are described below.

A human resource manager (HRM) is always responsible for the state and federal laws which affect the healthcare industries. To ensure the seriousness of these laws, the human resource team should perform various training and practical events for employees. For example, they can inform employees about the state and federal penalties due to the breaking of such laws. These laws are implemented to protect both healthcare employees and consumers. HR managers and departments should discuss the ethics in the workplace and train the employees to follow it. Some violations of ethical behavior such as bullying should be considered by the HR department as a negative impact on society and they should overcome it by applying required steps.

Main Functions of HRM

Job analysis is one of the main responsibilities of human resource management. HR works on job analysis by evaluating the workflow in a certain healthcare industry. When the HR team manages to analyze the workflow, then they start to create jobs for individuals to meet different requirements of medical fields. After the job creation, the HR department should provide an outline for the job description to find out the right person according to the required skills, experiences, and qualifications. Designing a job by HR is an important part of development as it must ensure the health and safety of employees through ergonomics. Ergonomics should take care of the efficiency of work, a high level of work by motivating the employees, and so on. HR should be aware of the changes in the medical field. For instance, if old medical instruments are substituted with new technologies, the HR department should redesign the workflow for the current technology.

Human resource should ensure that appropriate candidates are employed for specific jobs in the medical field. An organization should recruit individuals after taking interviews. Various steps of the interview consist of the aptitude test, personality, honesty, and so on. The HR department should take care of the interview process so that it will be fair and legally defensible. The HR department is responsible for hiring new employees in the recruitment process (Niles, 2013).

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The HR department should ensure the security of labor, benefits, compensation facilities, insurance of labor, and so on. They should provide employees with different opportunities, such as vacations, time-to-time health check-ups, retirement plans, child and elder care service, and so on. They should also provide workers with flexible schedules and cafeterias for healthy diet. The HR management team should perform time-to-time surveys of employees health issues. As health care personnel represent one of the largest labor force in the US, so the HR department should take care of training and developing these organizations. The healthcare industry consists of different employees. Some of them must be highly educated and experienced, whereas some others can achieve a position through 1-2-year training programs. According to the disease control board, healthcare is the fastest growing sector of the American economy. There are 12 million employees working for health sectors, and in upcoming years the number will increase more and more, so HR is partially responsible for the future of these employees.

The HR department is responsible for maintaining relations with employees. Sometimes healthcare employees form their union to express their dissatisfaction with the job. The protests are usually formed by workers because of poor working conditions or low wages. It is the HR departments responsibility to meet employees demands in the industry. If they cannot do this, it can initiate various strikes, which can directly affect the healthcare industry. HR management should do long-term healthcare planning. Nowadays the increasing use of technology, the globalization of the healthcare field, the increasing diversity in the workplace, and so on influence the healthcare system (Kabene, 2006).

These are the main functions of human resource management in the healthcare field. Among these functions, the security of labor is one of the most important and basic functions of the HR department. It helps not only to increase the workflow in the healthcare system, but it also helps employees to secure their future by obtaining health insurance, time-to-time free health check-ups, and so on. Labor security also includes the flexibility of employees working schedule and vacations, which helps them to create a fresh working environment in the medical field. The healthcare system is one of the major growing sectors in the world today, so human resource should protect their employees to maintain a stable economy in the country.

The Role of Human Resource Management in an Organizations Strategic Plans

The main role of human resource management in an organizations strategic plans is to achieve missions and strategies by meeting the needs of the employees and stakeholders. During the development of strategic plans, the team should be careful with the resources, as resources are interdependent with each other. The management team must understand the links between the resources, such as the technology, to create new treatments in the healthcare system and to recruit individuals with skills and talents. The management team is also responsible for the stakeholders benefits in the specific systems (Soberg, 2011).

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