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The Flight from Conversation

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Communication plays an extremely important role in our lives. Nowadays, people live in the era of technological revolution and use technological progress to make their communication more effective. Internet, laptops, and smartphones allow people to communicate with anyone at any time they want. Technology allows people to build relationships with other people and have the relationship they want. However, while having such an effective connection with each other, people forgot about having real conversations with each other.

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People always wanted to be heard by other people, they always enjoyed sharing their experiences and thoughts with others. In the past, people shared everything they wanted to through real live conversations. For example, people used to sit in the cafe, talk with each other, and look at each other. The face-to-face conversation was a very important part of peoples lives, because it enabled them to really understand the feelings of the person, with whom they were having the conversation, and shared their own feelings. Nowadays, the times have changed.

In her article, The Flight from Conversation, Sherry Turkle makes an argument that people prefer to have a connection to one another, instead of having a real live conversation. Technological revolution seriously affected the way we communicate with each other. Tuckle claims, that technology has a negative effect on the personal relationships of people, because it minimizes the amount of face-to-face communications. Nowadays, people often choose to text their friends on Facebook during having dinner with their family, instead of having a real conversation with both.

Before the massive spread of technology, people used to go shopping together and while they searched for the right thing to buy, they enjoyed a pleasant conversation with their friend; they shared their emotions and feelings. This close contact and sincere conversation resulted to even closer relationship of the two friends, because during their face-to-face conversation, they were able to perfectly understand each others feeling, because their emotions were reflected on their face. Nowadays, people prefer to shop online, while having lectures, or travelling in the train, or sitting at home. They do not need the sincere conversation with a friend during shopping any more. People prefer to shop in the faster way, even if they have to do it alone on a technical device.

The author of the article also has a point, when she claims, that people have a plug-in life. Nowadays, people have access to internet everywhere they want, so they have the opportunity to pay attention only to those things, which interest them. Thus, whenever needed, people take their devices and connect to the world. They cannot get out of this way of life even when they are on dates.

People usually have a certain circle of friends, whom they regularly text, and even when they are on the meeting with one of these friends, they still spend time texting other people at the same time. It results in two people sitting in a cafe with their heads down, focused on their devices. There is no point in getting together if two people are not having a proper conversation.

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I agree with Turkle, that our smart phones have a serious effect on us, because they change our lives, especially they change our actions. For example, years ago, students would loudly communicate with each other before the lesson, and now they are busy texting their friends, even those who are thousands miles away from them, and reading news on the internet, instead of having the conversation with people, who are in the same room with them. The same situation can be noticed in public transport. People type something on their devices, have earphones plugged in their ears, and pay absolutely no attention to what happens around them.

Mere connection instead of conversation makes people stop caring about each other. People text each other without emotions, and keep people at the right distance. Nowadays it gets hard to really reach out to somebody because people care too much about keeping other people at the right distance. People start forgetting what real conversation is, and what it feels like to have a conversation, and truly understand how the other person feels.

Turckle has a point, when she claims, that technology allows people to have companionship instead of having a relationship. It is so because through technologic devices people are able to make other people hear them, without having to satisfy all the demands of the real relationship. In my opinion, face-to-face communication should not be replaced by the connection through the smart phone or any other device. I think, that people can share self-reflective opinions only when they are together, having a real conversation. In order to open to another person, one must trust this person. It is easier to establish trust during the face-to-face conversation, because one can see the true reaction of the person to everything he says.

To sum up, communication is an important part of our life. Technological progress produces a significant impact on communication. I agree with Sherry Turkles argument that technology resulted in replacement of the face-to-face conversation by the simple connection to each other. People often choose to text their friends who are far away instead of talking to people who are near them. Even though, technology allows us to connect to people we want any time, conversation should not be replaced by the text messaging through a device, because close relationship can only be established during the face-to-face communication.

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