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According to Seidner, Zietlow and Hankin, (2013), a non-profit organization is aimed at aiding the society. This entity is not about making money. Instead, it seeks to ameliorate lives of less fortunate society members. There are numerous institutions offering charitable services to the community. Such institutions are funded by well wishers who ply the route of charity. One would ask how such non-profit organizations are sustained. The fact is that there are many individuals, and corporations that fund these organizations. In addition, most governments have added value to such organizations by including them in the fiscal budget of the nation. This discourse, therefore, discerns the non-profit organizations. It shall consider what makes such organizations flourish. Apart from that, the discussion shall zero in to the challenges that such organizations face. Untimely, it shall make a number of recommendations to improve the working of such organizations.

What Is Going Right In The Organization?

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Many people have lots of doubts regarding the sustainability of non-profit organizations. Nonetheless, there is a lot of positivity in such institutions. To know that a non-profit organization is operating well, one has to see the manner in which it is funded. Normally, most financiers would only fund an organization that is giving positive results in its operations. Once such results are apparent, there shall be a stream of financiers coming in to offer support to the organization. There have been numerous non-profit organizations which have had overwhelming donations from various individuals as well as corporate bodies. Therefore, such unending support is a key indicator that an organization is thriving.

Another key indicator to show that a non-profit organization is doing well is the results as per the mandate of the institution. For instance, if the non-profit organization is a hospital, there should be top notch health services. Availability of drugs, doctors and health workers are a good indicator that the organization is operating in a desirable manner. As if that is not enough, realistic results should be overt. Such results shall be seen through opinions given by people who have had an experience with such a hospital. Also, another feedback could come from the auditors of the organization.

The relationship between the management and employees of the non-profit organization is another crucial aspect that determines proper working of the organization. Many organizations have crumbled due to poor relationship between workers and the institution. In case the organization wrongly handles its workers, there shall be confusion and chaos within the institution. Workers shall not execute their specific duties accordingly. Moreover, there shall be no cohesion leading to poor services within the organization. However, with a cordial relationship between employees and the management, there shall be high returns as far as the organization duties are concerned.

A non-profit organization is deemed to be performing well if it can adapt to changes without facing a monolithic crisis (Pynes, 2013). It is true that the world is ever facing numerous challenges. There are times when the economy skyrockets. Also, there comes a time when one or two financiers of the non-profit organization pull out their aid to the organization. During such moments, unstable organizations would opt to stop rendering their services to the community. However, a stable organization would term such a setback a challenge as opposed to a liability.

An organization that embraces realism is a stable organization than one which rides on fiction or form. Realism refers to the ability of the management to handle the organization basing on the true facts surrounding the organization. It is futile for the organization management to make reports that give a wrong picture as far as performance and challenges of the non-profit organization are concerned. A stable organization would give a clear picture of events taking place in the organization. It beats logic for the head of the organization to amuse the sponsors with amazing but untrue reports. It would be novel to offer the right position of the institution in order to attract genuine support to the organization. Thus, this is exactly what many successful non-profit organizations undertake.

What Is Going “Wrong” In This Organization?

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In as much as there are numerous positive aspects of a non-profit organization, there are some acts within the organization which indicate failure of the organization. When the organization fails to deliver according to its mandate, for instance, it is deemed to have failed. In most cases, this comes as a result of laxity within the management. Alternatively, such failures could be attributed to diversion of the interests of the organization. For example, when a childrens home that was housing both male and female children elects to seclude boys and only help a girl child, it has changed its interests. Such a morph of interests could not augur well with the beneficiaries of such an organization.

Regular pull out of financiers is another challenge that these organizations face. There comes a time when donors decide to freeze their aid without citing any reason. It is through such events that most non-profit organizations are forced to shut down.

Bryson, (2011) states that the problem of competition from profit-organizations such as corporations. Such corporations do come up with segments that are exclusive to community service. Given that these entities have got internal or independent sources of funds, they perform better in comparison to non-profit organization. As a result, they tend to overshadow the impact of the non-profit organization within the society. In the long run, the attention of financiers and donors shifts from non-profit organizations to profit organizations. For this reason, many non-profit organizations have collapsed due to this kind of competition.


Just like any other undertaking, challenges shall never lack in non-profit organizations. However, if proper measures are put in place, such challenges can be surmounted outright. Among the measures is for the management to ensure that relationships between employees and the management is appealing. With such kind of cohesion, there shall be proper implementation of policies set within the organization. The issue of competition from other organizations can as well be evaded through provision of excellent results. Noteworthy, competition is healthy for any kind of organization. This implies that non-profit organization should not get jittery due to entry of corporations into community service. Instead, such an entry should trigger the non-profit organizations to work better.

The challenge of finances is also common in these organizations. The problem where organizations face spontaneous absconding by sponsors can be solved by requiring each sponsor to sign a memorandum of understanding. This ensures that sponsors are cajoled to provide their services until the contract expires. Thus, this helps avert cases of sponsors quitting at the time when the organization needs them most.

Bryson (2011) is categorical that most non-profit organizations find it hard to get financiers or donors. However, if proper strategies are employed, there shall be numerous sponsors coming in to help. For instance, if the management shows dedication and hard work, sponsors shall definitely get attracted. Apart from that, the management should make applications to the government to include them in the national budgets. If successful, this can be the surest way of securing finances.

Lastly, the non-profit organization should establish a cordial relationship between their managements and employees. This can be through offering of incentives which makes workers feel proud to be affiliated with the organization. In the long run, they shall execute their tasks with zeal and dedication.

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