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American Telephone and Telegraph Company

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American Telephone and Telegraph Company


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AT and T Company has been in the market for quite a long time. It was the only telephone services provider in the U.S.A, and was started when Graham Bell invented the telephone system. The Parent Company broke up and was acquired by SBC Communications but retained AT and T as its trading name. Management of the Company had initially laid down important strategies that made it possible to distribute long-distance nationwide network in order to connect many people.

Leadership Brand in AT and T Company

AT and T Company has a strategic management system based on current issues in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. In earlier times, the Companys daily activities were based on one policy which stated One policy, one system, Universal service. Due to improvements in technology, the Company has opted for better policies in order to improve services to its customers.

The Companys leader is a very committed and dedicated person who liaises well with other leaders from different departments. Randall Stephenson is the current Chairman and CEO of AT and T Company. Since taking over the leadership, Stephenson has transformed the Company into a global leader in mobile Internet and IP-based business communications resolutions. The Companys business has expanded in U.S for the last few years under Stephenson (Harvard Business Review July 2007). This achievement shows that his leadership is indicative of his good actions. Based on ideal methods of good leadership, the Companys CEO has reorganized leadership in various departments in order to improve employee performance. The issue of gender equality has been greatly considered and has been incorporated as Companys rules and regulations to meet gender requirements.

To achieve all this, Stephenson has fully applied clock building phenomenon rather than time telling. He believes that it is good to create a long lasting solution rather than relying on short term solutions (Kurapati, 2006). Telling time to people working in the Company might be cheaper in the short run but building a clock will be helpful as it will create a long term solution. This idea also forms a platform for the empowerment of employees (Harvard Business Review July 2007). AT and T Company uses clock building in order to empower its employees as well as make them achieve their goals and objectives. It has also helped the Company achieve much during the last few years.

AT and T Company has developed exceptional leadership over the last 5 years. Stephenson has worked round the clock to improve the Companys performance through proper management training and employing skilled personnel. New employees as well as long serving employees with signs of leadership skills undergo management training in the Company. Experts within the Company carry out the training program and ensure the most qualified and deserving candidates are picked for management posts. It is done in line with the Companys need to achieve better results. Stephenson has put in place various strategies to develop and maintain exceptional managers from generation to generation considering future achievements of the Company. By having the best leaders with distinct talents, the Company is able to fulfill investors and consumers expectations. The current Companys leadership has enabled managers as well as employees fulfill the Companys promises to its consumers and investors.

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On quality management, the Company through improved technology has developed a manageable Closed Loop Management Process. The Companys executives have had various ways of dealing with problems that may arise from this process(Robert, 2012). It has been achieved through effective upgrading of services as well as products generated by the Company. The firms culture, strengths, and quality in management have made attainment of a wider market share possible.

The Companys Performance

The Companys performance has been exceptional in last 5 years. The Chairman and CEO, executives and managers of the Company have transformed the performance and activities of the firm in the world of business. The Company, under Stephenson, has embarked on education initiative based on its history. It has aspired philanthropic programs to help improve university and college career preparedness for students. It has been done in order to help needy students, and reduce cases of high school, college or university drop out (Dallas, 2013). AT and T Company has invested over $100 million in support of education initiatives. It has also planned to invest more than $250 million in the next 5 years as the firm commits itself further for the support of educational programs.

The Companys management has been reflective of its major activities and performance. The Companys poor management period occurred in the 70s when it was accused by the U.S government of using its monopoly profits to subsidize the cost of its network, which was against the law. Eventually, due to poor management and its monopoly status, the Company broke up in 1984.

Tasks of CEO and Level 5 Leadership

AT and T Companys CEO has various responsibilities to take care of. He is an appointee of the board of directors. Stephenson carries out all necessary decisions of the Company assisted by executives and the board of director. He has the final authority on any issue. The CEO is involved in the leadership and management programs, communication, and decision on various strategies and policies.

Great leadership in AT and T Company is shown through its well aligned management system. The Chairman and CEO have shown exemplary leadership that has improved performance of the Company(Harvard Business Review, July 2005). The CEO has shown real qualities of a true leader and has represented the Company under his full capacity. It has led to expansion of the Company to other parts of the world.


AT and T Company has improved over the last few years since Stephenson took over as CEO. The improvements in performance suggest that good leadership qualities improve business opportunities of any given firm. Investors and customers rely on leadership skills of top employees in order to have faith with the particular firm. AT and T Company has given its customers and investors an opportunity to invest more under its new management.

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