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Recruiting staff in a business organization is a crucial process. It can be very expensive but it is quite rewarding if done properly. If the appropriate personnel is chosen for a specific job and trained well, it is likely that they will produce a great output in the business. It is important to select such people because the organization might be having the latest technological advancements but nobody to run them. Recruitment of personnel is a critical moment for business’s development and responsible managers have to ensure that only the competent employees are hired.

There are several steps and processes involved while hiring an employee in the new office to be established. There are some legal statutes that affect the selection and hiring of personnel. Legal statutes are the legal requirements to which both the employer and the employee must adhere. They ensure that employers are fair in the hiring process. These statutes are of great help since the workers are insured by the insurance company as such protection is a mandatory requirement (Burt, 2015). All people applying for any job have legal rights that protect them from discrimination by the employers. Their ability to secure a job should not be based on such aspects like race, religion, gender, marital status, disability among others. All people should have equal chances of receiving a job opportunity if they meet the requirements. This will ensure that there is even distribution of resources. The employers are obliged to abide to these rules at each and every stage of the hiring process. This starts right from advertising the vacancy, continues with the process of conducting interviews and ends with the ultimate final selection of the right personnel. There are questions that employers are forbidden to ask the candidates during interviews. For instance, questions regarding the personal life of the applicant, such as concerning his/her sexual inclination, are illegal to ask as they can add up to discrimination (Taylor, 2015).

As part of the legal statutes, there are some issues that the employer must put into consideration before the employee commences the work. Each of the workers is supposed to have an identification number with which he/she can associate himself/herself. The employees should be provided with an insurance to protect them in case of any contingency. Any important and required information should be posted by the employer in the places of work to ensure that all workers get the information at first hand and in time. The employer should also help the personnel to register for the benefits that come along with being employed. This will enable the employees to live comfortably even after retirement (Ortiz, 2015). The workers should also make sure that they have filled all the forms required to pay taxes to the government as it is a responsibility of each and every one. Moreover, it is not legal for an employer to give assurances to the interviewees during the process of contracting. Promising someone that he/she will have the job for a lifetime or there will be an increase in salary should be avoided since failure to fulfil such promises may lead to a breach of contract. Feeling that his/her rights have been dishonored, the employee might seek the services of lawyer to ensure that his or her rights are not violated.

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While setting up a new office in different geographical location, several factors have to be put in to consideration. This regards of the number and type of positions that need to be filled as well as their official responsibilities and corresponding academic qualifications. Years of experience appropriate for the post must also be defined. The several positions available in new office include administrative ones such as general office clerk, receptionist and an administrative assistant. A general office clerk performs such duties as receiving calls and photocopying. However, those who are highly qualified can also maintain financial records and take catalogues. The academic qualification of such employee should be a credential in secretariat or any other correlated field from an accepted agency or educational institution. One should also be computer knowledgeable since most of the work entails computer expertise and know how to use different office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, scanners or fax machines among others (Isopahkala-Bouret, 2015). The worker should be hardworking, self-driven and be a team player. The number of years that one should have worked is not limited; moreover, it is not a must that one is experienced. Such position just requires corresponding skills, interest and personal motivation.

Another position is that of a receptionist. This employee deals with public relations and uses his/her skills to reply to any queries that customers might have regarding the business. Such person acts as a link between the business and the members of the society. Receptionist has the responsibility of providing information to customers regarding important issues such as location of offices and details of an event that is to occur. This employee should have a certificate in public relations or any other relevant field. The work experience should not be less than two years in the corresponding area (Isopahkala-Bouret, 2015). He/she should be able to handle customers gently while responding to their queries.

An administrative assistant is another employee required in the new office to be established. One may be working full-time or part-time since this position is not very involving. The responsibilities include operating office equipment like computers and fax machines. Administrative assistant should also be able to perform administrative roles like conducting research, controlling databases, buying and supplying services, organizing travel arrangements among others. The applicants for this position should have adequate computer knowledge supported with certificate in computer applications. The minimum academic qualification is a degree in commerce. One must have been working in another organization for at least four years. The experience is necessary to ensure that the employee is able to exercise the acquired knowledge  and to obtain good results. The assistant should be reliable, time observant and be a role model due to the key roles played.

The other position that needs to be filled in a new office is that of a messenger. He/she is charged with the responsibility of delivering information and documents between various responsible employees and other parties. This may involve taking letters from one place to the other within the office premises and outside them. No work experience is needed and the minimum educational level is high school.

The main functional positions must be filled with people having proper qualification and experience in the field the business is operating. Managers and supervisors must meet specific requirements concerning their experience (not less than five years on leading positions), knowledge and skills to lead the personnel and be role models for the employees to follow.

Interviews and ability tests are the two selection devices that should be used in rejecting or accepting the applicants. Ability test should be conducted the first followed by a series of interviews. The ability of problem solving should also be evaluated using this device. Aptitude test is among the best examples of ability test. It is an exam used to determine ability of a person to succeed in a given activity (Burt, 2015). The test accepts that different individuals have inherent strengths and faults. Therefore, they are naturally subjected to success or failure in any specific area. The person making the aptitude test cannot revise it since it is not a test for knowledge. This device must be chosen as one of the selection tools since it helps to determine whether the applicants suit the corresponding positions. Those who pass the aptitude test should be subjected to written interviews. The questions the applicants should answer depend on the position they apply for. Written interviews are aimed at determining whether the candidates have proper knowledge for a given position. Therefore, the applicants can prepare to the exam. To proceed with oral interviews, the candidates are supposed to attain an established pass mark. These interviews should be conducted by different panels including various employees ranging from the lowest departmental heads to the chief executive officer. This helps to ensure an unbiased process. It should also assist in analyzing the ability of the applicants to express themselves and their interaction capability. Good interaction with the interview panel shows that an applicant is a team player (Burt, 2015).

The different selection devices have their weaknesses and strengths. Ability tests have various advantages. They offer competent and neutral comparisons. Well-designed ability tests can fairly and objectively compare and contrast the potential of different applicants. Their results are reliable and even. Therefore, the tests are valid and reputable assuring a rational process. They are simple and not costly to provide. This can be explained with the fact that the tests are now recorded by computers. This makes this selection device to be among the most efficient testing resources. Ability tests also help to reduce a number of applicants in a competition. However, this tool has some drawbacks. It may include different bias (Taylor, 2015). It is caused by the fact that people develop their abilities and skills through experience. Therefore, if one lacks experience, he/she is likely to fail the test. At the same time, some applicants who pass such tests successfully can be good in theory but unable to use their knowledge and skills in practice. Consequently, passing an ability test does not guarantee that a person will perform well on the given position.

The written and oral interviews have several advantages. Oral interviews provide more precise screening. An individual being quizzed is unable to give untruthful information when answering questions concerning issues such as race, age group, or sex. Face to face interviews help to determine both oral and non-verbal reactions. The method captures the body language which can indicate whether the applicant is comfortable with the questions. This helps to make the difference between selecting a candidate who is less experienced but displays an incredible amount of passion for the position, or an experienced but apathetic applicant. The interviewer can keep candidates focused until the end of the interview since he/she is the one who has the control over the process. Emotions and behaviors of the applicants can be captured through oral interviews. Written interviews reduce biasness as there is a uniform questionnaire presented to the candidates. There are no spoken or visual hints to influence the applicants.

High cost is a major weakness of oral interviews. Moreover, they are costly from the perspective of personnel, the most important resource, as to perform an oral interview a group of people is required. Besides, some interviewers may have their own prejudices (Ortiz, 2015). This can affect the selection of experienced or highly qualified employees. Moreover, there are no records in the case of oral interviews. Therefore, some confusion may arise in future since there is no proof that an interview was conducted. Time consumption is another drawback of the interview process. Time is required to prepare the questions and interpret the applicants’ responses. To complete a test, it is necessary for a suitable candidate to pass both written and oral interviews successfully.

An integrity test is a type of personality examination intended to evaluate an applicant’s inclination to be truthful, reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, when recruiting new staff, it would be wise to use this tool as lack of integrity is linked with counterproductive activities which can include disciplinary problems, viciousness, disruptions and absenteeism. A drug test, in its turn, is a practical analysis of the biological samples of candidates. It is carried out to determine presence or absence of specified drugs in one’s organism. Drug tests can help a company to maintain productivity and save money because employees who do not use drugs and alcohol are mostly coming to work early and are less likely to be involved in workplace accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct the two mentioned tests since they help to avoid hiring and training new employees who are not appropriate for the job (Burt, 2015).

 In conclusion, it is evident that recruiting highly qualified employees is a vital process in any organization. It should be carried out carefully to ensure that the right personnel is hired for the corresponding positions. This will guarantee that the business possesses the best employees who are working for its development and success.

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