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Case Study Analysis

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Case Study Analysis

At the present time, the time of progress and new technologies, and the time of revolution in all spheres of our life, the number of different mass media sources available to us is wide and rich. Moreover, the quality of the means of communication is constantly increasing. The use of media among young people is more private and independent. The elder people use the means of communication in order to get some information. It is worth emphasizing the fact that the mass media is one of the leading factors in life of the society, but only in that case, when it brings benefits.

People spend more and more time on surfing the Internet and on using various social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. They communicate with their friends, with strange people, find different information, and share their personal stuff. People prefer reading newspapers and political news in spite that the information is not always reliable, credible, and checked. Surfing the Internet people forget about their everyday duties, friends, families, work, sleeping, and even eating. As a result, they deal with the problem of addiction and depriving of alive communication.

Communication is the most important way of arranging relationships between people. It is very important not only in professional life, but in the private one as well. Speaking about the importance of communication for managers, it is necessary to say that they should know the art of communication. Without doubt, communicating effectively shows competence, professionalism, and intelligence of personality.

However, with the development of technologies, the quality of communication between people becomes worse. People spend too much time in Twitter and other social networks. It is difficult to say whether Twitter is social benefit or social disaster.

Best Buy is the biggest electronics customer store in the United States. It is popular with its gadgets. One may name this company the earliest user of social media. Best Buy struggled for being the first for a long period of time. The company uses social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, for communication with their customers and clients. The customers and clients have possibility to leave their comments, dissatisfaction claims, and recommendations about the gadgets of Best Buy.

Without doubt, communication with employees and clients with the help of Twitter has its advantages and drawbacks. There are the different opinions about the influence of Twitter on collaboration of the companies and their clients. Some people share the thought that Twitter makes the affaires of the company more transparent and understandable for the public. However some people suppose this thought to be utopia and a real exaggeration. Twitter cannot be a tool for improving reputation of the company. Twitter cannot solve the real problems; it can only inform about them and attract the interest of public.

Analyzing the case Social Benefit or Social Disaster? I came to a conclusion that the top communication issues are misunderstanding between the company and its employees, and negative remarks of the customers that can spoil the reputation of the company. The problem is that the information may not always be reliable, credible, and checked. We always get data about the gadgets and innovations of the company, but sometimes this information may be false.

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Nobody denies the fact that mass media plays an important role in life of the modern organizations. The means of communication are known to like to exaggerate some facts in order to make a stir and to attract attention of as more people, as possible. Moreover, mass media should work successfully and give only truthful, credible, as well as checked information, and never make hasty conclusions. The mass media should be not only a resource of information, but also an instructor and adviser. The means of communication take the leading role during all phases of advertising, informing, and satisfying the clients needs.

Many studies prove that messages of the users (for example, clients) are mediated messages; it means that the messages are filtered through other sources, before they reach the public. As we can see, not all messages and opinions of the clients would be available to the general public.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social networks are the means of advertisement and presentation of information for the users of these social media and for the potential customers. Social media is the most popular way of information distribution. Even though the social media is the most expensive way of advertising, it is worth of doing this. It is the easiest and the most effective way to reach the customers of all ages. As we can see, in general, social media has a positive trend.

Part II

Portfolio Project Outline


1. Arranging of contacts with clients and customers. The companies should be in touch with their clients and customers and social media can help in that;

2. Innovations in Communication with Customers;

3. Providing Qualitative Services.


1. Social media is a good way of advertising and increasing reputation;

2. Exchanging of messages between the companies and its customers;

3. Creating of the image of an instructor and adviser.


1. Negative remarks and dissatisfaction;

2. Exaggeration of information;

3. Expensiveness of using social media for advertising of the company;

4. Numerous complains of clients with the help of social media.


1. Development of the new contacts;

2. Finding of the new clients and customers;

3. Advertisement.


1. High Competition;

2. Damage of Reputation;

3. Lawsuits.


1. Collaboration with other companies;

2. Implementation of the new products and services;

3. Decreasing prices;

4. Increasing quality.

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