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Communications Plan

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Communications Plan

A project can be defined in a number of ways. In the contemporary business world, a project can consist of collaborative enterprises, which are carefully selected to achieve a chosen objective through research and design. They are temporary in nature, constituted by teams or individuals in order to achieve a certain task within time constrain. The purpose of communication plan is to make use of the processes, which are required to manage the project effectively. Communication plan is necessary for collecting, distributing, storing, retrieving, and also final disposition of information of the project. The communication in the process of a project accomplishment is vital in the provision of important links amongst the different stakeholders. There are a few processes which are involved in the project communication. The first one is a communication plan, which seeks to determine the information needs for the various project stakeholders. The second is information distribution, which ensures that the necessary information is available to the individuals concerned within the stated time frame. The third is performance reporting, which ensures that project progress is reported on a regular basis to the stakeholders. The last process is the stakeholder management, whereby communication is done so that all issues concerning their needs and demands are met. After the planning stage, communication framework is put into effect so that the needs of the stakeholders can be determined. This means cooperating with all project participants in order to evaluate each stakeholders needs for information, as well as time and means of delivering it to them. Management communication plan makes provisions for the stakeholders requirements for information, details the types of information to be communicated, its format and content. Moreover, communication plan appoints a person responsible for communicating the information and the groups of stakeholders to receive it.

In the communication strategy for my project, I will use information channels through the media. There are various kinds of media to be evaluated in the communication plan to deliver information to different stakeholders. One-on-one communication is the most common channel used in the business world, but it may pose a challenge due to distance issues, as the different parties involved in the project may be in different places. As a result, other types of communication channels need to apply. The first form of communication is the email. Emails will be used for regular communication and updates every day through information dissemination. Email is an electronic form of letters delivered through the Internet by the use of computer technology. Email is cheap, fast and reliable communication channel. Electronic messages sent via email are delivered instantly to the recipient. The recipient then can reply back within short time frame. Moreover, email is used to send various documents to the team members, stakeholders and vendors. It will be used for scheduling meetings and project calendar maintenance. The second type of communication to be used is the telephone. Whenever a conference is scheduled, calls will be made regularly to inform members about the time, place and agenda for the meeting. There are cases when meetings are irregular, then calls will be made for the purpose of notifying the members. The third communication channel is web conferencing. Web conferencing is a computer technology, in which information is sent through the Internet from one sender to multiple recipients in remote places. It is also called webinar. Web conferencing is a powerful tool that can be used together with conference calls to share documents like visuals and presentations. The fourth type of communication is the hard copy. After the project documents are prepared in Microsoft office applications, they need to be distributed to the stakeholders. Such documents include the meeting agendas, status reports, presentations, site documentation, budget reports, project plans, as well as any other document upon requirement. The last type of communication is the meeting. Meetings are important for the communication plan, because members have a chance to discuss various matters and project progress in physical presence. All meetings need to have minutes taken and then approved for purposes of recording, except in cases of informal gathering.

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Hardcopy Email Meetings Telephone Web Conferencing

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This project, like any other, requires that the authority gives the approval, so that the project proceeds to the next phase. At the initiation stage, the project manager has to append a signature from a responsible person to show that the first phase is complete. However, the approval for the next project stage takes place if there is the project sponsors satisfaction. The financiers of a project have to see the progress first. The manager has to communicate with the major stakeholders of the project in order to proceed with the project application. When these individuals agree that the phase is well done after evaluating the project deliverables, then the project manager approves the project to enter the next phase. The communication channels involved here are hardcopy, emails, telephone and one-on-one meetings. In the case the project requires unit improvement in the army, the staff commandments of operations should be a major deciding factor for the project entering the following phase. The project progress is entirely dependent on the stakeholders satisfaction. Thus, investors need satisfactory deliverables, so that they approve the project.

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