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Ethical Dilemmas

2. I will install the scrubber system with the consent of the head office for the very reason that the regional company will pay more than $1 million in health compensation if neighborhood groups file a legal suit against the company. The present situation indicates the company violates no law as the level of pollutants is below current EPA regulations, but it is better to make-up a fence on the hill than build a hospital at the valley.

The minor health problems associated with the smoke emission will develop into serious illness over time. The government frowns heavily at any company whose activities jeopardize the health of the people. The present EPA regulations are not conclusive. To stick to the fact that, at present, no violation is made on the EPA regulation, will be foolhardiness. As new cases emerge, the EPA regulations are modified. Press media report may not spare the reputation of the company should the complainants go public.

Besides, if the modifications of the regulations are made based on external cases, the regional company may be at the risk of spending more than $ 1 million within limited time to effect the new health safety recommendations.

4. I will offer the job to my friend if the vacant position is not a sensitive and important one. At one time or another, we need and will need help from friends. Peer group friendship contributed to whom I am today. While I recognize the role of efficiency and skills in the procurement of workers, the role of good friends in an individuals life is also important. Teamwork as a principle of work requires individuals who understand themselves. Shared values bring people together as friends. It is not as though this friend is not skilled; he is just not the best among all that showed up at the job interview. The devil one knows is better than an angel one has not seen. The little skill in this friend, if offered with an open mind and participation, will be of benefit to the company. Today, most companies are run as family in order to create a conducive atmosphere at work.

The brand of a company stems from its mission statement, and management puts much effort to get all workers to conform to the mission statement. I believe as a team leader that people of similar minds work better in a team.

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6. I will not exploit this loophole in the federal law and pay my workers below the minimum wage in order to maximize profit. The companys good surpasses individual good. A laborer deserves a just wage. I may not be the only person to have seen this loophole; it is also possible that my workers know about it. While the law at present is not in their favor, they may begin a legal process through the labor union to reclaim their right to a justified wage. It is possible that if they succeed, I may have to pay back what was unjustly denied.

Also, the possibility of an industrial strike may not be completely ruled out. Industrial actions dent the image of companies, and the press helps to spread the news of injustice. To exploit this loophole will create more problems than the huge profit it hopes to achieve.

Besides, in the case that the workers discover for themselves the injustice about their wages, their loyalty to the boss is greatly affected. They will grumble about everything in the work place. The cordial relationship is severed, and the output is affected. Gradually, the company will be set on a shaky foundation.

7. I will resign from the job because it is strictly against the ethics of my profession. The consequences, if discovered, will be fatal on my future as an accountant. Such malpractice in the accounting profession will mare my chances of a better job offer. The effects will be long lasting as the labor market is becoming competitive, and too much lobbying goes on underground. It will make a mess of my curriculum vitae.

My resignation will not be the first response to this rather sensitive request. I will make a sincere effort to let my boss know that there are better alternatives than engaging in malpractice. From the wealth of my knowledge and skill, I will proffer better solution to the issue. If turned down, resignation becomes an option.

The firm will not be left out in the evil of this malpractice. The IRS and the stakeholders will surely find out one day. A city built on falsehood will surely collapse one day. The result of this malpractice is fraud, and it opens the door further fraudulent activities, for the company now operates on two balance sheets. It will create the financial insecurity that will see stakeholders withdrawing their stakes.

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