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A nonprofit organization aims at serving the community (Padaki & Vaz, 2005). Kiddy land is a child care centre within the market of Utah. Its main role is to take care of children within its proximity. Parents do bring children to this centre for care. It is a non-profit organization which depends on the well wishers as well as the little pay from parents who bring in their children for care. For instance, each parent is supposed to part with $36 every week and give it to the organization. This organization was established by a local church eleven years ago. Despite the fact that it was established by the church, it no longer receives any financial assistance from this church. Within its proximity are six other child care organizations. While the six daycare centers carried out their functions within the basements of churches, Kiddyland has a building in which its services are rendered to the public. By 2001, the daycare had a total of 45 enrolments. The manager of this institution is known as Jo Ann Larson.

What Is Going "Right" in this Organization?

From the facts presented in the article, one would detect positive attributes that characterize this nonprofit organization. For instance, the fact that the institution has remained functional to date implies it is already a success. There are numerous nonprofit organizations within Utah which have been established only to fail without carrying out their intended duty. Looking at Kiddyland daycare, there is some activities going on. It has got 45 members of which 40 children receive maximum care including lunch meals. The other five children attend a nearby school and are usually picked by their parents after work. They are clear indicators that the nonprofit organization is doing well.

There are six other daycare organizations within the market, Utah. It is evident that they charge a fee as high as $60 per week. On the other hand, Kiddyland organization charges only $36 per week. The main aim of a nonprofit organization is to render services to the community. If possible, such services should not be charged whatsoever. However, unavoidable circumstances do force some organizations to ask for a small fee. Of all the seven daycare centers within the market, Utah, Kiddyland is the most affordable one. It is an indicator of community service. As a result of its affordability, lower class parents have opted to bring their children to this institution. Hence, one would conclude that the institution is doing a commendable work.

Sustaining such an organization for all the years it has been in existent implies some kind of management that is above par. Such an organization has staff members who ensure that children are well attended to. One of the signs that an organization is doing well is the free flow of events and the cordial relationship between the staff section and the management section. From the facts, one would conclude that the management has always treated its staff in a good way. There could be no ongoing activities were it that the management and the staff of Kiddyland nonprofit organization were at loggerheads.

What Is Going "Wrong" in this Organization?

Challenges have never lacked in any kind of institution. They are part of the business within any organization. Kiddyland is not an exception. From the article, there are huge challenges that are currently facing this daycare institution. Management, for instance, is not doing well. Pike indicates that Jo Ann Larson has failed to drive the institution to higher levels. Basically, she has relaxed and she has no better dreams for the institution. That is why, it is stated that she has not made any effort to seek a loan to improve the institution. Pike is adamant that the United Fund could have easily allocated some money in form of loan to the institution if the manager of Kiddyland made an effort to borrow money from this financial institution. Another setback from the management is that Jo Ann is good at dealing with children as opposed to handling management matters. She does not care if the institution fails or thrives. In any case, she claims to open a child care center in her home if the Kiddyland organization fails. Such sentiments indicate that she has no good plans for the institution. All her dreams are to own a childrens home within her compound. Such truths are a clear picture of how Kiddyland faces a crisis.

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Most nonprofit organizations are initiated with sponsors and left on their own. The strong ones do survive through the torrents while weak ones do crumble. Looking at Kiddyland Daycare, the situation is similar to most nonprofit organizations. After the church established this organization, it totally froze its support to the organization. It served a blow to the organization.

Competition from other daycare centers is a monolithic challenge to Kiddyland organization. While Kiddyland survived on its own, most of daycare institutions receive support from donors. Apart from that, Kiddyland receives the lowest amount of money from its clients. As stated, it gets $36 per week per child while other daycare centers receive more than $60 per week per child. From the figures, other daycare centers have got financial advantage over Kiddyland organization. It implies that Kiddylands matters of implementation of policies are pegged down by insufficient funds.

The organization is also facing a problem of housing. The old building is no longer inhabitable. It has posed a danger to most children. As a result, parents have opted to take their children to other institutions. Such a setback could let to the collapse of the institution of not eliminated outright.


According to Seidner, Zietlow and Hankin (2013), the problem of management can be solved by changing the manager of the institution. As explained in preceding paragraphs, Jo Ann Larson is not good at management. Thus, she should be substituted with someone with the knowledge and skills of management. It should put the institution on the right track. The problem of competition from other organizations can be avoided by providing better services in comparison to other organizations. For example, the Kiddyland Daycare should ensure that children are well taken care of. Their meals should be well-prepared and served. With time, parents shall get attracted to the organization. Even though there is a problem of funds, the management should utilize the available funds properly. Such a move could attract more donors or well wishers to promote the activities of this no profit organization. In any case, donors choose an institution to support on the basis of good results.

It is indicated that the institution is experiencing housing problem. It is, indeed, critical and must be solved once and for all. The management should obtain a loan from the United Fund and erect a better structure to house the organization. Many parents are extremely sensitive and cautious. They would not want to have their children exposed to dangers that an old building harbors. Not until the management comes up with a new structure when parents shall be confident with the services of Kiddyland Daycare. It does not cost much to come up with a simple but sturdy structure. It is a matter of the management plan for it. With such recommendations, Kiddyland Daycare Institution can be one of the best daycare centers that any parent would wish to associate with.

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