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Improving Organizational Morale

Our company deals with the manufacture of alcoholic beverages that are sold mostly in the United States. A recent vacancy in the data department facilitated my appointment, and I was bestowed with the duty of forming a team that would research on the possible new markets, that the company can venture into besides analyzing the customers reaction regarding the products that our company offers in the market. Notably, this program is scheduled to run for two months whereby a report has to be formulated and handed to the managers. Given the complexity of the task, I had to come up with a very experienced team that will make the work easier and swift. Thus, I chose an IT expert who will be in charge of recording the information assembled from the various tasks. The second person I chose is a market analyst from Africa because the company seeks to expand its market by taking over new markets and Africa abounds as a lucrative market for our products. The last person I chose is an accountant who is charged with the tabulation of data acquired from the field regarding the costs to be incurred and how profit will be realized in the event the company opts to venture into the new markets. Notably, the IT consultant and the accountant will have to work hand in hand to ensure the success of the project.

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This paper explores how I will manage my team to facilitate motivation for the Lick Breweries.

Market analysis requires a lot of time; therefore, this will mean that I deploy the person in charge to start the fieldwork, which is supposed to be carried out in various countries in Africa. Therefore, it will be critical that I brief the consult for the need of swiftness in his analysis of a country because there is a lot of work to be completed within a limited time. In the meantime, I will allow the accountant and the IT specialist to work together in preparation of the accounts database (Bowles & Cooper, 2009). This results from the fact that there is a need for managing both the previous and current data. Participation in such a project is critical as it will facilitate commitment and keep the team members within the set deadline. Thus, in the first month, I will insist on a daily check up on my team members to verify that the project is in line with the set goal. It should also be noted that by the end of the first week I would require all the team members to provide the information by the end of the project as instructed. However, in the second week, I will allow all the team members to work freely because any inconveniences will have been dealt with and everybody should be prepared by then to come up with excellent works as anticipated (Employee Assistance Programs, 2005). Given the distance of the marketing analyst, it will not be necessary for him to show up in the daily meetings of the first week. However, his progress will be watched closely via Skype.

On the other hand, it is also essential to indicate the roles of both the IT specialist and accountant. The IT specialists will ensure that the computer and internet systems are up and running for the period that the research will be underway. This is critical because the market analyst will be forced to post his findings from country to country; thus, the need for the IT specialist to ensure that the system is ready when the analyst wants to present some information. Additionally, the IT specialist will be given the role of recording all the presentations, which are critical for counter-checking when the final report is been prepared. Besides that, the IT specialist will also be required to type in the information presented by the accountant. This abounds from the fact that the accountant will be having a lot of work to deal with concerning the previous records and compiling them in relation to the established markets where the company should venture in. Constant communication is necessary with the accountant and the IT specialists. This abounds from the sensitivity of the works that they are doing, which requires close monitoring. Besides, communication is critical as it ensures that they are motivated and that they can present any issues affecting them (Ingram, 2009).

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The market analyst will employ several modes of data collection to speed up the process and make it easy for himself. The use of questionnaires and short interviews is required. Besides, it will be prudent that he visits focus groups, which in this case are bars in different significant countries where the company will want to venture into first in order to establish their drinking patterns. Notably, the use of a camera as a means of collecting data is encouraged because the analyst will only have to take pictures of people drinking and the opinion they have in regard to the new beverages the company is planning to introduce on the market.

After the close monitoring of how the work is progressing in the first month, this will be followed by the group meeting at the end of the month. It is essential that the progress be monitored closely in order to avoid mistakes in the last month of the project. Therefore, I will hold a meeting whereby the team will be allowed to present their views regarding the progress of the project and where they expect changes to be effected (Manson, 2000). Besides, the team members will have to outline what kind of support they anticipate to receive before embarking on the project for the second month.

By the end of the second week of the second month, the marketing analyst is expected to have covered more than three-quarters of the total targeted countries, which in this case are 20. Therefore, he must have covered more than 15 countries. The remaining five countries are to be covered before the end of the last two weeks so that the analyst can get back and help with compiling of the final data. This means that a meeting will be necessary within this period in order to ensure that all members are still in line (Employee Assistance Programs, 2005). Besides, the accountant will be expected to provide more information as advanced by the market analyst. The IT specialist will be expected to have backed up and firewalled all the information collected so far.

In conclusion, by the end of the fourth week of the second month, this will change the schedule of the team members because the work of the IT specialist will increase significantly due to the need for compiling the data collected. By this time, the accountant is expected to be winding up with all the information presented to him by the market analyst in regards to new market ventures. The market analyst will be expected to work closely with the accountant in order to deal away with typos and any unnecessary information. This information will then be forwarded to the IT analyst for final recording and ensuring that the information is safe and backed up. Additionally, the IT specialist will be expected to firewall and protect all the information against all forms of threats.

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