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United Arab Emirates case report

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United Arab Emirates Case Report


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Strategic management if often regarded as a management tool that helps organizations to realign their operations and focus on one main objective. In addition, strategic management as a principle helps organizations to assess and respond to changing organizational needs. In summary, management experts consider strategic management as a concerted effort aimed at generating fundamental decisions and actions that define the nature of the organization and its expected outcomes. This paper analysis is a case study entitled Corporate Government Strategy Development. This is a case study of one of the most outstanding government organizational strategy development in the United Arabs Emirate. The case analyses the United Arabs Emirates Identity Authority structure.

Reasons Why I Chose To Analyze the Case and Report

I choose to analyze and report on this case because I recognize the impact that the

2010-2013 Emirates authority had to organizations in the region. The management principle behind this successful exercise was strategic management. Strategic management has been quite successful in most businesses. It has helped organizations realign their operations by only focusing on core objectives (Al-Khouri, 2). However, most organizations have not been successful in implementing a successful strategic management policy.

The other reason why I choose to analyze this case is pegged on its success in development of government projects. This case demonstrates how a government organization and the Emirates identity authority developed a successful strategy that was universally benchmarked in 2010-2013. This strategy had a broad impact on organizational performance across the United Arabs Emirates and helped business organization to pioneer in their fields of practice.

The third reason, that compelled me to select this case for analysis, is the principle of management that the strategy embraced. The strategy emphasized on decentralization.

Although most organizations regard decentralization, as an initiative aimed at denying junior management and the power to make decisions, in this case means that decentralization was looked at as an attempt to harness the decision-making process. Most management principles put emphasis on centralization and consider it as a key strategy in management. However, in the case of the article, decentralization was necessary to hasten the decision-making process (David & Davis 97).

Highlights of the Case Description

The case study, presented in the article, is the study of a successful government organization strategy in the United Arabs Emirates. The 2010-2013 Emirates identity strategy authority was tasked with the responsibility of nurturing organizational development and allowed the Emirates to progress in its field of specialty. The Emirates ID is popularly referred to form a core part of the Emirates federal strategy. Its function is an act as a central database for biographic and biometric information. In addition, Emirates IDs was intended to provide value-added identity cards to all its clients. Earlier in 2007, the project underwent changes in which the program was altered to respond to organizations initial technological, infrastructural and organizational objectives.

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The second phase of the project was carried out in 2009. In that year, the Emirates ID management team unanimously agreed to undertake a second strategy development. This was a development initiative aimed at preparing the organization for future challenges. These included increased enrolment number and addition of other e-services. The management was quite versatile and took a risk step by triggering the development of the organizations new strategy. In its view, the management expected that the program would meet its objects as soon as there is a need.

This was done, while considering the expected challenges and sticking to the original strategy at the same time. These changes enabled the emirates ID to the federal organization in the United Arabs Emirate to adopt a customized development strategy framework (Al-Khouri 12). The third face came in place as soon as the 2010-2013 strategy had been ratified. This face aimed at harmonizing the system in terms of service delivery (Linda 146). Due to time constraints, Emirates ID management adopted strategy support office comprising of program managers and technical managers. The program was completed within 24 months, and analysis report revealed that the project met the required objectives as it had been projected. The management was hailed and recognized for its excellent management skills and leadership.

Learning Points Regarding the Course

Based on the case, I have learned that sound management is quite critical in organization management. Strategy development framework is critical in organizational management and must be implemented centrally from the highest authority possible (Al-Khouri 16). An effective management principle is one that fosters and maintains transparency in the way stakeholders are involved. The other crucial lesson in this case is that stakeholder participation is quite paramount. When stakeholders understand and participate fully in the companys dealings, it is bound to report success in many different ways. First of all, stakeholders play a vital role in determining how effective the companys management is. Having them participate actively in the business will build their trust and even encourage them to support business whenever the need arises. By fostering a good relationship with stakeholders, the business will run smoothly with all the financial, technical and legal support it can get. Another critical learning point is that the manner, in which the management plans and executes its mandate, is quite paramount in implementing corporate objectives. In this case, the Emirates ID project was a success because of the sound management concepts that were deployed during the process.

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