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What makes for good communication in Benchmark Senior Living

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What Makes for Good Communication in Benchmark Senior Living

Benchmark Senior Living was founded by Thomas Grape in 1997. Today, it is one of the leading companies in the caregiving industry. The company includes 45 communities with about 4000 employees. To detect the prime cause of its excellence, one should observe companys communicational approach. It represents the sample of a splendid teamwork.

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The basic values of Benchmark are positioned with the abbreviation PERSONAL. It stands for superior personalized service, respectful communication with cooperators and customers. Furthermore, the company strives to maintain trustworthy and transparent policy. What is more, PERSONAL set of values requires passionate approach of collaborators, who are expected to be responsible and committed to their duties. And finally, the employees are supposed to be open and ready for changes, and willing to upgrade their professional skills by dint of innovations (Mayfield, 2011).

Benchmark Senior Living displays strong commitment to high-quality standards and safety, accentuating the vital role of communication on all levels. The companys chief claims that high-quality interaction is crucial for successful performance. The organization allocates a culture ambassador position in all 45 communities. The culture ambassadors purpose is to maintain Benchmark’s mission by motivating each collaborator to develop and advance. Monthly, the culture ambassador is supposed to assemble the council in order to discuss issues and produce creative ideas for celebrations.The organization uses communication as a main tool to improve quality. If someone experiences what they consider to be less than the highest quality service, Benchmark employees are trained to elevate the issue to a manager so that we can identify and resolve concerns before they potentially become larger problems (Our Commitment to Quality, n.d.). The given sample reflects the implement of superior interaction on all levels, both inside and outside the company.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Benchmark established The One Company Fund. It is a separate non-profit organization, which is aimed at providing financial support to employees and their families in hard times. The fund gives Benchmark associates a special opportunity to do the right thing for each other, notes Grape. This is a very tangible way that we make sure that our values are not just words on the wall but put into practice, (Mayfield, 2011). For instance, in 2009- 2010, The One Company Fund contributed 135 grants, spending about $178,000. Establishing this organization is a great approach to maintain trustworthy relations between superiors and subordinates.

Moreover, Thomas Grape, CEO of Benchmark Senior Living, believes that it is extremely important to invest in the workforce. He considered such investment to be a pragmatic business approach. The organizations, which have a well-qualified staff, are known to be more competitive and profitable than the ones that do not care about staff advancing.

Furthermore, senior vice president of human resources, Tim Reilly, highlights the necessity to invest in the staff education and upgrading. As an organization, we believe if we have engaged, happy, well-trained or well-educated associates, in turn they are going to provide superior services to our residents and their families, (Mayfield, 2011). To achieve this goal, the company develops numerous educational programs, which are executed in three ways: learning by means of in-service practicing; attending in the Benchmark University; getting financial compensation for studying aside the Benchmark. Benchmark University offers circa 50 courses to its associates in the areas of time management, conflict management, leadership, sales, finances, recruitment, resident care and customer service excellence. The education is free; moreover, the company covers employees expenses while studying.

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In addition, new workers have a day-and-a-half training, which gives a helpful insight about companys core values, its community-based formation, and infrastructure. Annually, all employees are supposed to create individual development prospects that reflect both individual and professional goals based on the personal aspirations and interests. Every community, depending on its size, must contain a certain number of skilled faculty collaborators, who are trained to work with adult learners.

Benchmarks policy of recognition and compensation is another significant way to maintain decent interaction between managers and employees. That is why the company established numerous programs in order to recognize and compensate those associates, who excelled in providing high quality service. A set of reward systems gives every employee a chance to increase annual income by 20% by means of receiving different awards. For instance, the best cooperators get On-the-Spot Awards for performing beyond the expectation of their competence. Those who did something exceptional for maintaining safety in Benchmark Community receive Safety On-the-Spot Awards. Furthermore, the most profitable communities are recognized with Community Bonuses. In addition, the best employee of each community receives Service Champions Awards on a monthly basin. Annually, Benchmark Community Champions Awards are received by advanced associates, according to their achievements for one-year period. Gratitude Grams are meant to recognize proper work of particular collaborator based on co-coworkers testimony. Magic Moments Award is executed monthly, and grants a magazine cover with communitys info for Magic Maker nomination. Annually, Thomas Grape selects the nominee for Compassionate Caregiver Award and grants it to the winner during awards gala (Mayfield, 2011).

Despite of its impressive size, Benchmark communities cooperate as one entity, providing an excellent teamwork. The above-mentioned communicational approaches help Benchmark Senior Living to achieve its value-based culture. Therefore, thanks to these competitive advantages, the company has a strong leading position in the caregiving industry. We are realizing superior business results right now, states Grape. Our occupancy is higher; our financial results have been stronger than our competitors in the industry at large (Mayfield, 2011). Numerous local and national organizations recognize benchmark Senior Living for its excellent senior care services and employment practices.

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