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Health essay samples

Quality Management in Healthcare

This paper is a description of the Six Sigma strategy of quality management and its levels. The paper also discusses the impact Six Sigma can have on TQM/CQI in US healthcare if it is adopted as a quality management tool….

Productivity Management

Productivity Measurement Benchmarking can be defined as a process whereby the cost, productivity, cycle time, or quality of a specified process or method is compared to another one that is widely considered as an industry standard or best practice. External…

Plastic Surgery Trend in South Korea

Plastic surgery has been a popular business in the West, particularly in the United States. However, the trend is shifting to Asia. In the past decade, public attitude towards cosmetic or aesthetic surgery in South Korea have increasingly become optimistic….

ORYX and Continuous Quality Assurance (CQI)/2

Continuous Quality Assurance is a quality management approach that borrows a lot from quality control methods that are traditional and lays emphasis mostly on the system and organization. The main focus is on the process as opposed to individual details….

Organizational Functions

Organizational Functions Boarding increases malpractice claims, financial losses, mortality, sentinel events, medical errors, length of stay, diversions, waiting times and other issues, which result in crowding. Patient flow is a concern that should be solved by leadership of the hospital….

Organizational Change Plan

Implementation of change entails the criteria, within which an organization utilizes, develops and amalgamates control systems, structures, and organizational culture. The primary aim of change is to increase the organizations competitive advantage, and improve the overall output, including employee and…

Organizational Change Plan

The integration and incorporation of new technologies with the aim of improving health care delivery and alleviating patient discomfort through reduced waiting times in admissions are inherent motivators for organizational change. However, change is often resisted for a variety of…

Organizational Change Plan

Organizational Change Plan Introduction Change is continuous phenomenon in any organization and occurs on a continuous basis. Successful implementation of change requires the input of both employees and management. In the provision of health care services, efficiency in patient processing…

Occupational Rehabilitation

Kwok, H., Szeto, G., Cheng, A., Siu, H., & Chan, C. (2011). Occupational rehabilitation in Hong Kong: Current status and future needs. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 21(1), 28-34. doi:10.1007/s10926-011-9286-4 The article under consideration dwells upon the occupational rehabilitation in Hong…

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